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Is IKEA even real


    Is IKEA even real

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    [ Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in Fox’s unreleased Deadpool movie test footage ]


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    Nintendo’s sales haven’t been what they hoped for or expected, so all the executives got together and made the decision to cut their salaries in half to ensure their employees still get paid. They say it’s the fault of the executives that the products aren’t selling well, not their employees, so it isn’t fair for the employees to have to take the hits for that.

    Why are there people who don’t like or respect Nintendo again?

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    Remember when

    • Smuts were known as lemons
    • Yaoi Warnings ( Don’t Like, Don’t Read! )
    • Character x Character instead of Character/Character
    • Every Time We Touch videos, and the forgotten  Listen To Your Heart videos
    • Numa Numa
    • Naruto Phase
    • Bring Me To Life amv’s
    • citrus and lime warnings
    • when still allowed porn
    • when still allowed original writing before the great fictionpress split
    • deadjournal
    • when livejournal was invite-only
    • cardcaptors a mystic adventure
    • aim roleplay
    • when everyone had their own little fansites on geocities, angelfire, and tripod
    • character-bashing fic and anti-shrines
    • fanfic MSTing
    • save our sailors
    • the word “bishies”
    • AOL message boards
    • tinny background MIDIs on every page
    • "this page coded with notepad" and netscape buttons
    • "this page best viewed at 800x600"
    • "under construction" pages
    • yahoo mailing lists
    • fansubs only available on the subber’s IRC channel
    • fansubs only available if you send $30 for a VHS tape
    • no official release whatsoever for Japanese media
    • fanworks, especially fic, of Western media, especially print media, considered illegal and met with C&Ds
    • the gap between Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix
    • The Sentinel/Highlander/X-Files crossovers
    • "this is part of the [fandom/ship/etc] webring"
    • printing fics out because it feels more permanent

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by Hakuchi
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    oh my god who makes these?

    oh my god who makes these?

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I cannot stand the way you tease…


    I cannot stand the way you tease…

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    People in their early twenties still refer to people older than them as “adults”. When do you think they stop… and realize… they are adults

    I’m not an adult, I’m a child with a drinking permit.

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    My style is black and it’s expensive

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